innovative design with a conscience


We believe environmental stewardship is not about catering to market trends or collecting LEED points, but is an approach that informs all our decisions – a philosophy that dovetails with our financial, design, and social priorities. We focus on occupational health, both physical and spiritual, incorporating nature and responsible business practices. We are committed to creating a more ecologically friendly urban environment and each of our projects represents both a unique challenge and a new opportunity to leave the world a more livable place. From repurposing wood salvaged from the Panama Canal at our Tantalo Hotel and transforming bleak Manhattan rooftops into lush urban gardens, to the ever growing program of environmental initiatives we maintain in our offices, we find ways to implement creative design solutions that are specifically catered to – and are inspired by – each of our properties.

Our projects located in New York City lower their environmental footprint through design, employing highly adept space planning to create dense urban fabric in highly functional and rewarding living spaces. With each project we tighten our critical focus and broaden our portfolio of innovative design solutions to develop more environmentally sound housing solutions. Regardless of building or project type, Blesso Properties aims to make long lasting decisions that not only benefit our environment, company, customers and investors, but also set an example for change within the real estate industry.